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TBG - True Born Gaming feedback

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All inquiries related to any issue, be it ban appeals, suggestions, or general feedback should be directed to TBGclan.com


Server name:



No racism - results in an instant ban.

No toxic and/or abusive behavior - results in a kick/ban.

No recruiting in server - results in a ban.


Admin contact:


Deputy Swan





True Born Gaming



Request for info here:  TeamSpeak


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It's good that TBG has active admins, but the admin I encountered seems to be hot-headed and irresponsible. I'll provide a video explaining the particular scenario I'm referring to. It's worth mentioning that the ban was lifted shortly after it was given (2-3 minutes) and I believe it was a knee-jerk reaction to a frustrating game.


Personally, it's one of the very few issues I've had on TBGClan and is otherwise a pretty solid server, despite the occasional disconnect and ping spike (potentially my internet, but hasn't happened on other servers). However, it seems the most common issue among almost all servers are unprofessional admin teams, and TBG is also a contributor.

My brother picked up Squad while it was on sale, and I was introducing him to vehicles. The video starts where it becomes relevant. I'm pretty sensitive to over-active admins because it seems so common, and my reaction was less than graceful. I wasn't banned however, and again the ban was lifted shortly afterward.



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You should take it to them  direct. Plain to see it wasn't your Stryker.  (good video proof)


A lot of things happen when playing, most of the time Admin are trying to have a game too. It's unpaid , unrewarding stuff.  They need a break too.  They may have a licence from OWI but they aren't paid. 


There was a bug a while ago when kills where being miss recorded, dunno if it's happened again or just poor tired admin.  Hope they sort it for you soon . 

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