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Media Creation Logo Pictures [High Res]

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So i have made this image but adding two different screenshots of two different maps together and using some effects has this result.


Oh man. That's nice, you're very talented

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I thought I would post some of the logos we have been using thus far to allow the community to get creative and see what kinds of media you can produce so this sub-forum isn't so lonely.


Feel free to save them, be open & creative with them or even expand on them. We would love to see the kinds of things you can produce!







Is there any chance of the vector artwork being uploaded? :) I would like to just have the outline of the text with a transparent inner.

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Hi guys!

I decided to have a go at this, and started with designing my own version of the SQUAD logo. I provided some wallpapers to show them, with the fabric one in a different style.


Click picture for HIGH-RES (1905x1080)


Click picture for HIGH-RES (2300x1600)

Logo in vector ( 3 versions )



Click picture for HIGH-RES (3212x884)


Click picture for HIGH-RES (3212x884)

I hope you guys like it!

Cheers, MasterX

The 2nd one. Patch style. Pls teach me!!

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