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Shimmering objects

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When I turn off SMAA/TXAA, the textures, particularly objects such as boxes - seem to have a shimmering effect when I move. However, when I do keep SMAA/TXAA on, there is a "ghosting" effect when I look around - like i'm seeing double. Some information you might want to know:

-Res: 1920x1080

-Shadows - Medium

-View distance - highest

-Effects - High

-Ambient occlusion etc is turned off, the only thing turned on is eye adaptation

-Supersampling - x1.25 (still shimmers if I put it any higher)

-Updated drivers


I just want to know how to remove the shimmering effect on objects, without having to enable SMAA/TXAA etc because it makes the game blurry, and causes ghosting.I also have Reshade, so if anyone knows a way to fix this please let me know. Please feel free to post any suggestions.

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12 hours ago, LaughingJack said:

like this?


Yes exactly that. It only happens when TXAA/SMAA is turned on. If I turn them off, then I get like a shimmering effect on objects when I move.

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Mine's in the editor (PIE, not 'in-game') using all-Epic settings:


-Res: 1920x1080

-Shadows - Epic (although i really think non-epic looks better)

-View distance - Epic

-Effects - Epic

-all effects on except Bloom (and another i can't recall atm)

-Supersampling - none

-Updated drivers - not done


Looks like it might be an engine thing but i cannot understand why it has only recently(apparently) apppeared in the SDK, considering it has not been updated lately, or i just never noticed it before - now i have a complex scene..


I will try turning off all AA and see what happens (AA is killing distant view clarity atm anyway - now i know what peeps been comlaining about as i not noticed it until getting a map to foliated stage, now it's quite obvious).




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turned off AA in Project settings and it was gone - mostly - still getting some strobing.

cannot get engine scalability to set to anything other than epic - so can't turn down AA here either - possibly the cause.

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