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ECWCS woodland camo gore tex jacket (Usmc guys help)

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Hi, hoping someone on here will be able to help me out,


Looking to have one of theses jackets imported to the UK from the states. Could anyone help size me up? As its a gamble spending upwards of $200 only for it to arrive and be the wrong size. I am after a GEN 1 or GEN 2 jacket as the GEN 3 sadly does not come in woodland camo. I am wanting to layer the ecwcs jacket on top of a snugpak sasquatch which is a medium.


I cannot work out which size ecwcs jacket i need between a medium / long or Large / long.

When i lay the snugpak flat on the bed it measures 

58cm arm pit to arm pit / (around a 42+/- badly measured myself)

76cm for the length / 30/31

81cm for the sleeve from the side of neck, not middle of back 

6ft+ tall


I am struggling to decide if i need a medium/long or a large/long. I know there designed to be fit over exciting clothing. The snugpak bulks me out quite a bit plus the other added layers as it is and i am not the above sizing with the jacket off. Looking at different size charts online its hard to truly work out which size to go for. 


Ecwcs gen 1 sizing <<into google then images... The first sizing chart says M/L chest 42-1/2 to 45-1/2 with 35/36 sleeve length. So by that the M/L is the correct size as the large is 46-1/2 - 49-1/2 with 35/36 which would make a large massive on me.


But then view the tags on the jackets for sale and it looks like a large would be the correct size as a medium is 37-41 and large 41-45

Could anyone tell me what chest MN and WN means on the tags which one should i be taking note of? and why the two different sizes 

As i understand the Official USA gore-tex with gore seems are some of the best jackets going for wet weather use?? I have seen the copy's from helikon, tru-spec and other company's but i would rather buy the real deal. 

could anyone offer some helpful advice 

Thanks :)

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