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Another low FPS thread

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Hi all,


New to the game (~20 hours played), love it, but can't get consistent 30fps or even 20 for that matter.  Game typically ends up being a 10 FPS slideshow most of the time and thus becomes near unplayable despite that I run with settings at the lowest possible.



Windows 7 64-bit

i7-960 @ 3.2GHz

16GB triple-channel DDR3 @ 534MHz

GTX 1060 6GB


I believe my processor may be the issue(it does run rather hot), but I see other threads where people have lower specs than mine are complaining about getting 50 fps rather than 60, and I can't even get a consistent 30.  Any and all help is appreciated

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Hey there,


I run a i7 920 (slightly lower spec than you) and had the same issue with very low FPS. The recent optimizations helped a lot, but the biggest thing that helped my FPS get to 30-40 consistently was overclocking to 3.6Ghz. The difference was like night and day.


That's my biggest recommendation, overclock that CPU as much as you can (after you sort out the heat issues ^_^) and you should see a decent bump in your FPS. These first generation i7s are very long in the tooth now (I bought mine almost 9 years ago), to the point where not just in squad, but quite a few games, overclocking has become a necessity. 

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