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Meridian International Group official 80 slot server! ready to spread the SQUAD love!

Clan runs off of Eastern Time

Server is out of Dallas, Texas


Please respect all players. Keep it clean, keep it fun.

Intentional teamkilling and wounding will result in a ban.

Glitching will result in a permanent ban.

If you get caught in a glitch unintentionally please force respawn.

Squad Leaders must have microphones.

Squad leaders may kick for any reason.

If you do accidentally tk/wound be sure to apologize. Accidents happen!

Inactive and unassigned players will be kicked. Please join a squad.

Autobans will result in a permanent ban. Do no tk for any reason.

Do not share ticket counts with opposing team.

                                                                                                                                               About the MIG
MIG is a MilSim grounded, Squad game focused organization with a black-ops mindset without borders or bureaucracies to answer to. Our services are contracted out to any Country any Nation any time. We are made up of ex-military professionals finely tuned while highly adaptable to any given situation.
                                                                                                                                                Our Mission
Is to maintain and demonstrate professionalism and unit cohesion inside and outside of MIG for the improvement of ourselves as both individuals and as a group. And with the strong desire for perfection of the tactical use of weapons systems tactics and strategies through training and exercises – all while displaying the will to excel.

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