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Any ideas for bots and training / tutorials

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I'm interested in working on some AI/bots for the purposes of training and tutorial maps. Personally I find it much easier to try and learn the basics offline in a more controlled environment than trying to learn everything online from random players, and making lots of rookie mistakes that affect the gameplay for everyone else. I'm hopeful that it will make it easier for people like me (no experience) to at least hit the ground running with some confidence, and not slow everyone else down. It would also be a good opportunity for the community to shape player behavior - ie encourage good behavior and discourage bad ones. Subjective I know.


Anyway, if you have any suggestions for training scenarios or behavior you would like to see in a map, throw it in here. I'm not promising that I'll get it done, but even if I don't hopefully it will help someone else that might be interested (or maybe help the devs?). Also if anyone is interested in making the physical maps, let me know.


At this stage I'm thinking very small scenarios, to teach specific skills and tactics, for example:


Solo skills:

Clearing a building - maybe a single multistory building you need to clear. Teaches entering a room, checking blind spots etcc

Moving across the map without being too visible (ie, using cover, no skylining)

Basic target practice on moving enemies - up close, and long range.

Basic Medic skills - maybe a bunch of downed teammates with bots firing on your position.

Squad leader skills (never done it, so no idea what would be needed here!)

Vehicle driving / shooting skills


Teamwork skills:

Following squad leader instructions ("on me" , "defend south", "cover fire", "take Jones and flank left" etc)

Clearing a building

Cover fire while moving


Over to you guys/gals!







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Just keep it super simple stuff if it's at all possible by someone like bots walking/driving at all ranges on a firing range for targets, bots that you can shoot/get shot for medical purposes and super simple stuff like that. Anything else you can learn on the fly once you know how to shoot move and heal.

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I've started working on a few bots to train against - here's my first pass (WIP in the modding forum). Comments and suggestions welcome. Please ignore my poor aim. Aiming to get it ready for the steam mods when it happens.



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33 minutes ago, smokyhook said:

That looks pretty good already- nice work!


it does, for CQB target practice it already delivers alot as a training tool.

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