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Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

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I'd like to formally introduce the forums to the SquadFrance.fr mod project: OPEX SERVAL.

An official website will be coming soon, but in the mean time you can check up on old updates here.

Our mod is built after real life Opération Serval. We plan to introduce operators from the French Foreign Legion, arming them with French small arms in addition to French armored vehicles and helicopters. This content will all be playable on a map based in Mali.

I'm Involutory, an American working on the team, and I'd like to share a recent WIP update:




Squad French Mod by the SquadFrance.fr community:

Progress Update

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest news on the French Squad mod, dedicated to the game’s Francophone teams and communities. What’s new? We don’t want to make you wait any longer. Many good things are going on, including 3D model production, the start of game integration, and recruiting for our modder dream-team. Also, we want you to know that the mod will not only include the French Foreign Legion (FFL, Legion), but the Navy will also make an appearance! We’re eager to share every change and detail, big and small. Our regular Work in Progress (WIP) discussions will be broadcast weekly every Wednesday, and rebroadcast every Friday.

Just as I type this up, good news on the mod is shared; progress is made. We’re very proud of the work on the French Legion. And soon enough, Euro forces, too (we’ll talk more about this later). Enough chatter!


3D production has commenced!

1 week = 1 FAMAS G2!



Thanks to the work of busy @drakoliche, we present to you the mod’s service rifle for the French Navy, forces which are likely to be released at the same time as the FFL mod, OPEX:SERVAL.


Tuesday, July 25, 3am: first images surface, courtesy of our modeling team including @RumHam. This is the Scrome J4 scope, to be equipped on the FAMAS F1, used by the Legion.


Wednesday, July 26, 3am: we receive further detailed on the 3D model. Textures are in progress. Please believe that these guys are eager to quickly deliver results. And don’t forget that progress and decisions are made under our military consultant, @babken, a veteran of real-life Operation Serval.

Only the swiftest VAB production!

As you can tell, the 3D model of the VAB armored personnel carrier (APC) is advancing. @Niko continues to work on the important vehicle, which will be the backbone of a successful Legion team, and will be offered in several different configurations.


Of course, the VBCI!

Just today, July 26, new images of the VBCI appeared, thanks to our @Baby_James, an artist making very very speedy progress. We’d like to offer a friendly reminder to @Baby_James that he is in fact allowed to take a break and rest and even sleep.




A second “Logi” truck is coming!


Our operation will introduce two new logistics trucks: The Renault GBC 180, to work next to the massive PPLOG multipurpose truck.

The “Logi” trucks, to be designed by @Phoenix, will make use of assets produced by a new 3D artist, @Bonfunk. His shipping containers will be integrated into the trucks, and may also be found on the map. He’s also working on the 120mm, which we’ll talk about later. Here are some captures of his container, which includes functioning player-openable doors.



120mm mortar inbound!

Got an itching desire to destroy? This devastating weapon will be right up your alley. @Bonfunk will indeed deliver, on demand, and with a payload heavier than you’re used to in Squad. The official Squad SDK is missing some assets and is not up to date with the game, so we can’t test the new mortar yet. In-game, the mortar will be towed by trucks and will be available from the beginning of the match.


Map pre-production is ongoing…

Slowly but surely, our vision for the Mali-based map forms. Below are some photos from Google of the proposed location, Douentza, Mali. Additionally, we’ve shared some design documents, so that you can get an idea of our workflow.




Here’s a comparison of the location with existing Squad map, Al Basrah:


It’ll be a lot of work examining and refining map playability, to make sure it’s fun to play with infantry, land vehicles, and even air vehicles! @SilentBlood is a tremendously qualified modder and has taken the title of Lead Level Designer.

@Datickler is working on materials and textures in coordination with @SilentBlood.


Operations are refined…

For novelty and transparency, we’ll share with you some internal documents regarding our workflow and technical operations.


And last: The birth of the French faction! This is just a brief demonstration, just so we can say that our French faction technically exists in the game.

Click here!

What else is planned?

The Marksman will receive a new weapon: the HK417. Optics and accessories will be identified later. Work will start next week, look for it in WIP #3.

Our superb team!

Our team has grown to a lovely 17 modders, out of our goal of 19.


We welcome new friends:

@Pokertour is famous for his Arma 3 scripts in which he added parachute jumping and functioning altimeters.

3D artists @Bonfunk and @Rumham have quickly gotten to work and are showing results.

@Baby_James, known for his British map assets for Squad.

@ChristofferBB has also joined the mapping team, in addition to skilled @SilentBlood.

@Datlicker is here to support modeling of the Super Puma helicopters, both Marine and Army versions.

Experienced @Sim0_ will be assisted by @Nightmare-Actual, in order to provide the best sound design.


Our group stands 17 strong, and anyone would consider it a real dream-team. We are extremely fortunate to have everyone on board, and non-development staff has done a great job with presenting and recruiting.


We hope to have playable elements to distribute as early as September.

Beta testing?

As soon as possible, we’d like to carry out in-game tests. Dates and schedules will be announced via our site’s calendar. Watch out for our servers, too:

╦╤ [FR] Squadfrance.fr ╤╦

Also, we’ll be organizing live streaming sessions to familiarize you with vehicles, uniforms, and other assets.


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As I was composing this thread, I was informed of another WIP update from our French overlords. Here's our WIP #3:


WIP Update #3


The promised FAMAS F1

Here’s a small WIP update to get you through the weekend. @Chap has finished a first pass of the FAMAS F1, to be equipped by the Legion. Expect more detailed renders and textures soon.

FAMAS G2 Marine update!



More Scrome J4 scope details



Our lad @Rumham can’t wait to get this model finished and working in-game.

Mod logos and graphics?



@Frank, our new Production Designer, is preparing graphics and media for the mod. He’s currently working on logos we can comfortably attach to the rest of the mod. Above are copies of a proposed graphic, featuring the Legion. We think you'll like it. :~)

VBCI model ready for integration!


@Baby_James has finished his APC model. Textures will come soon, along with in-game integration. We believe he’s done a wonderful job.


We also welcome @bakben for military council, and @involutory for information organization throughout various stages of work. The latter, with @jamesdev, are currently meeting with programmers and other modders to establish a workflow for implementation of our assets in-game.


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wow. very ambitious. :o

good luck to the whole team!
keep us posted.

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Hey friends, I've been away for a while, but here are some more updates. Just as a reminder, you may find more frequent updates here (in French).




WIP Update #4

Here’s a brief update on the mod, and a feature of a friend’s project.

Grenade! Fire in the hole!

3D artist @Baby_James, already chugging out content, has found time to model a hand grenade.

VAB: The Latest Model

@Niko presents his VAB update. We’re eager to see where he takes it.


Renault TRM 2000

You ought to get familiar with another vehicle we have yet to announce: the TRM light utility truck. We neglected to put this truck on our original to-do list, but @Phoenix has decided it will in fact see the light of day.



The Operation Serval team is collaborating with mapper @TexasFury. Here is an outline of one of his own maps, set in Ethiopia, with a semi-fictional conflict:
Gambela is a region in Ethiopia, close to the border of South Sudan. Some five to six years ago, Sudanese insurgents attack a refugee camp. In response, French forces are sent to regain control and restore order. To the south of the city is an airport occupied by allied forces. Other structures of interest include a football stadium and a church. The map is effectively cut in half by the Baro River, which can only be crossed by amphibious vehicle, aircraft, or crossing a single 305-meter bridge.
The Gambela map itself isn’t officially part of the Operation Serval mod project, but we are sharing our French faction assets, and we are glad to give shouts-out to our modders and their own projects.

Interactive Shipping Containers

Here you’ll see @bonfunk’s interactive shipping containers, in action. You might find these assets on the back of utility trucks, or just scattered across the map.

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WIP Update #5

Hello everyone. This is the latest big weekly update for the French Squad mod. Many good things are happening and we do enjoy keeping you informed: we want to tell you that we plan to release content September 1st, upon activation of the Squad Steam Workshop!

3D Models and Engine Integration

As we consider the Leclerc main battle tank and the ERC-90 amphibious vehicle platform, our list of planned land vehicles grows. Our list of planned aircraft now includes the Rafale jet and the NH90 helicopter.

TRM 2000 Light Utility Truck

Our virtual TRM 2000 awaits in a virtual parking lot awaiting testing. This workhorse of the French Army, to be complemented by other trucks, will be textured soon.
To get an idea of the equipment diversity featured in Operation Serval, here’s a comparison just between tires! On the left, TRM, and on the right, wheel of the VBCI.


AMX 10-RC Armored Car

We’ve promised French wheeled vehicles: here is the AMX 10-RC, ready to sneak into Squad.


VAB Armored Personnel Carrier

Production of what will be the backbone of every successful French play, the VAB, is advancing. 

OF 37 Hand Grenade

Texturing is done! Magnificent, eh?

Scrome J4 Scope

Our combat scope has received some more attention. Enjoy these renders.
It will accessorize the common FAMAS. Look out for more on the rifle itself in our next WIP update.

Ammunition Crate

We gotta store all this gun juice somewhere. @Baby_James has produced another asset you’ll find in-game.

Char Leclerc Main Battle Tank

Have some patience with this one… it’ll be worth it.

LRAC F1 Anti-tank Rocket

We expect this to be loads of fun to fire.

Player Characters

So… it may look like a zombie right now… but come back in two weeks and you just might find it’s turned into a zombie wearing a FÉLIN uniform and carrying a Minimi machine gun.

Operation Serval Logo

Our logo is complete! I think it’s got a lot of charm. Expect to see it a lot.


Integration Testing

Here’s a first look at the VCBI infantry fighting vehicle, in game!

Okay look… Making video games is hard! We hope you enjoyed the clip. Here’s a better demonstration, after some bugfixing.



Our Websites

We’ll be creating some new places to distribute information on this and other Squad mods. Keep watching for news on our future web developments. 



An Updated Task List

WIP next to an item means it is currently being worked on:

HK 417 (WIP)
Grenade (WIP)
FN Minimi
AA NF1 (AA 52)
LGI F1 Mortar 120mm (WIP)
(WIP) Browning M2 HB
Super Puma - Conv. & Marine (WIP)
NH 90
Douentza, Mali (WIP)

The Team
The team has grown considerably. We’ve had to generally strengthen the team in order for us to meet a September deadline, but also to acquire individuals with new skills like map design. These artists and designers do not receive compensation; rather they do work for the wellness of the Squad community. Shout-outs to our current team:


  • Skor


  • Babou
  • Titou

Creative Director

  • SilentBlooD

Lead Programmer

  • JamesDev


  • Pink3vil
  • Involutory

Level Designers

  • ChristofferBB
  • Michael Arendt
  • SadyFofana
  • TexasFury
  • Téqila

Level Design Partners

  • [ESC85] Xander
  • Legion

Lead 3D Artist

  • Baby_James

3D Artists

  • AlbertoCGArt
  • Bonfunk
  • boop
  • Chahl?
  • chap
  • DaTickler
  • Golau
  • Phoenix
  • RebornRock
  • Rumham
  • Drakoliche
  • Niko
  • Ptitju-15

2D Artist

  • FranK

Tech Animator

  • Mr K

Texture Artists

  • Pokertour
  • Zahnki

Sound Designers

  • Nightmare-ACTUAL
  • Sim0_

Military Advisors

  • Bakben
  • Shift


  • SAWIsHere

Press & Communication

  • Sha [Fr]
  • Involutory [En]
  • Frank [Es]

Community Ambassadors

  • Mako
  • Hypno


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Hm. What an accurate perfect simulation!


9 hours ago, involutory said:

Here’s a better demonstration, after some bugfixing.


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I like what you've done with the shipping containers!


I'm fond of the glitched version too xD

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On 12.8.2017 at 5:10 AM, involutory said:



Very very nice!!! Also very nice to see you allowing modders outside of you team to use you mod for his map. The future of squad is looking bright!!!


You write that Squad will get Steam workshop support on 1st of september. Have the devs confirmed this or do you know something we dont? Will you make new factions for the french to fight for your maps or use insurgents/militia from base game?

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On 14.8.2017 at 11:44 AM, Romby said:

[...] Steam workshop support on 1st of september. Have the devs confirmed this [...]

The devs never confirmed any patch or release date.


Uncertainty is one of the few certainties about software development.

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4 hours ago, beginna said:

The devs never confirmed any patch or release date.


Uncertainty is one of the few certainties about software development.

The devs have repeatedly said that the workshop will release the end of september. Dunno where that dude got the first from, but they seem pretty certain that end of september is where it's at.

Edited by Axton

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Actually, when a handgrenade explodes inside a container there should be a "blown" 3D model... (doors flying away and more tube-formed container)

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Hey all. More English updates coming soon.


On 8/17/2017 at 8:51 PM, Axton said:

The devs have repeatedly said that the workshop will release the end of september. Dunno where that dude got the first from, but they seem pretty certain that end of september is where it's at.

Yes, this is correct. I'm unable to pinpoint where we got the Sept. 1st date from, but now the word on the street is end of September.


On 8/14/2017 at 5:44 AM, Romby said:

Will you make new factions for the french to fight for your maps or use insurgents/militia from base game?

We've discussed OPFOR but haven't made any conclusions. I don't have any media to show. We'll likely ship initial releases with vanilla INS units, probably modified in some way to make the gameplay and theater believable, and we might play with the loadouts (give them more G3s, fewer AKs, etc). I myself would like new OPFOR units based on real-life factions, but don't take my wishes as promises.

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Hey all. We've been working on constructing a dedicated website for showing off our work, but because the actual modding is our priority, the site isn't really done yet. But I'll share it here anyway, because our newest updates are on it. Once we get the site working, I'll still pop in here to respond to questions and comments, and share more content.

WIP #6




A Laborious Summer Despite the Heat!

All the guys are at the meeting point and want to update you on their work. We got to welcome TiTooNeT92 and BASKSI to the 3D design team recently. Also, in addition to a few new guest artists and new technical help, we are now a team of 50. Yes it’s a large number but it’s why the mod is being developed so quickly. The Mod Production website is also opening this weekend. Since it is mainly a management tool for the team, we couldn’t wait any longer. Since the site will be built step by step, alongside the mod, remember it is in alpha version. Understand that the production website is not meant to be a graphical presentation, but more of a way to keep you all up to date on what is going on! A more graphical and less technical version will be made available later on. The websites were made and are maintained by Involuntory, Frank, and Titou.

What’s New?

Sound Design


The sound designers are making new amazing sounds for weapons. Nothing incredible

to listen to yet, but we will make a nice video for you all here soon, but for now below

is a working sample of the FAMAS rifle.


Don’t Forget the Equipment!



BASKSL’s biggest work was the on the sunglasses and shooting glasses. You can decide on the quality.



French Spawn


France is currently the 5th strongest world power and we wanted to show off all of its modernity. Therefore, TiTooNeT92 wants to introduce you to powerful communication systems that will be integrated into the spawn camps played by the French faction.



A smaller version for FOBs.



TiTooNeT92 also worked on camouflage covers.






The texture work for vehicles has started and the Central Europe version, which will be the standard for other vehicles, has been completed. We are currently texturizing other vehicles based on this one. A desert version is also on the way for weapons, vehicles, uniforms, etc.




Soldier Uniforms and Equipment



Piece by piece, the equipment has taken form. Glasses, like you saw up above, but mostly the clothes by RebornRock. Here are some images during the modeling process. The texture work was ensured by Pokertour, such as the seams, cutting, and fit, are all being given meticulous attention.




Here is PokerTour’s texture test on an in-game American model.



Check out these details of the texture and compare them with the reinforced fabric. Nice job!



RebornRock played fashion designer and made you all this FELIN class uniform.




He also modeled the helmet and body armor. Details are being added to both.



TRM 2000



The TRM 2000 is more beautiful than ever. Here’s Phoenix’s covered and uncovered versions.





Juju has finished modeling some tanks. Now just testing and texturing is left.




The VAB is also finished, and like the tank, adding the machine gun, testing, and texturing is all that’s left.


Main Radio


The infantry and vehicle radio by Baby_James!


Map Objects


Fire alarm by VertexPolyfort.



Our friends have also finished the Eotech sight made by Fishman.





Still needing some texturing, we’re working on weapons that you will play a significant number of hours with.





Here’s the first models of this famous, precise weapon, well known by it’s enemies. We will put Scrome J8 to make it look as pretty as it should. Alberto will stick with this one.


120 MM Mortar




Bonfunk made this heavy mortar and its ammunition





We will make a post entirely devoted to the map in a couple days, with SilentBlood, Texas and other. I’ll warn you that the atmosphere and quality will be magnificent. This level was created by designers I consider the best Level Designers currently on Squad. I’ll let you dream for now.

Until later everyone, the whole team hopes you have a good game.




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And here's our newest update. (please pardon the wonky formatting)




New aircraft & foliage, rifle accessories, and more

We’ve polished up the format in which we share progress. It’s a bit more professional, and we love giving artists credit for their work.

Please get hype for today’s reveal. That teaser image above? You’ll find more at the end of this post – but don’t skip all the way to the bottom without missing previews of other content!

Rifle accessories



The FAMAS is quite a modular weapon system, and we intend to demonstrate this quality. Here are renders of the @Drakoliche’s FAMAS with bayonet attached. The grenade launcher (not pictured) will be even more impressive.



Vanilla Squad’s arid-climate maps feature foliage that wouldn’t appear naturally in Saharan Africa. Naturally, we’re producing new foliage assets for our map set in Mali.

More TRM 2000!


Here’s a cool first-person preview of the Renault TRM 2000 light utility truck. On the right is some textured detail of the underbelly.

French props


@Titoonet92 is working on props for the French military outposts. Here’s an untextured render of a large generator. We want to make the French bases and observation posts feel authentic and believable, which means lots of clutter in the form of logistics and various military equipment.




On the left, you’ll find that our Legionnaire has been equipped with a new modular plate carrier, fitted with magazine and utility pouches.

On the right is a rendering of @Baskl’s ear protection/communication system, which fits snug under the Legionnaire’s helmet.

And last but not least…



Here’s @DaTickler’s WIP model of the Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma medium utility helicopter. Other modders have already successfully demonstrated functioning aircraft in Squad. Once our Mali map is of a certain scale, air travel will be a tactical necessity for OPFOR insertion. We’re super excited for this.


Thanks for stopping by. Look out for more previews of weapon systems, map assets, and overall map progress.



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