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The advice of the helicopters.

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Helicopters will be added to the game as far as I know. But which helicopters? I think US transport will be UH-60 Black Hawk, It's very nice choice. But I think UH-60 need 2 7.62 minigun for defend or air support? I think other helicopter for the engage, best choice is maybe Ah1-Z attack or the AH-6 Little bird with 2 minigun and Rocket pods. And for the Russian Army, I think best choice for transport Mi-38 and best attack or engage chopper is a Mi-24(If US attack is Ah1Z) and I cant find any little engage helicopter for Russia :P . And lastly for Militia: Transport chopper ise Mi-8, engage heli AH-56 Cheyenne or the bell h-13 sioux with minigun and rocket pods? These are my ideas. Its may be ridiculous.
mh-60-black-hawk-fast-rope-hr.jpg <UH 60 Black hawk /w minigun  
e2fea9b72db09f907db24bb273363d7c.jpg < Ah 1Z Attack heli
littlebird.jpg?itok=SzeaYyU2&timestamp=1 <Ah-6 Littlebird
Mi-8AMTSh-V.jpg <Mi-38
75969.jpg <Mi-24 Attack heli

Mi_8_of_SAF.JPG <Mi-8
ah-56a-lo_66-8831_a_campbell.jpg <AH-56 Cheyenne
NJAHOF_Bell_H-13_Sioux_04.JPG <bell h-13 sioux

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I love MI-8 its a beautiful transport helicopter.I love that you put a picture of a Serbian Air Force one.

And MI helicopters always remind me of this clip i saw a while ago



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