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Task Force 88 - Recruiting Members

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Task Force 88 is a clan based out of North America that uses tactics, planning, coordination, and cooperation to succeed in matches. We are a clan that has a very good balance between casual and competitive. 


We want EXPERIENCED Squad players.


Here's how you can become a member of the pack:
1. Create an account on our website (http://taskforce88.net)
2. Navigate to our "Enlistment" section of the forums
3. Read the "How to Enlist" thread to understand what we expect and how to post an application
4. After reading, navigate to our "Member Registration" section under the "Enlistment" section and post an application
5. After posting, join our Discord channel (https://discord.me/tf88). There, we will formally introduce you to the clan.


You must be 18+ to join. If you are under 18, depending on your age and maturity, we will give you a chance. We don't want to turn away like minded people over a number. All we ask is to act respectful and handle yourself appropriately and we will do the same. 


If you are fairly new to the game, don't be discouraged. We will gladly take you under our wing and teach you the ins and outs of Squad. The great thing about games, especially this one, is there is always something to learn. We hope to provide the best experience for all!


Our website again is: http://taskforce88.net
Our Discord channel again is: https://discord.me/tf88


We also own a licensed server for us to play on!


We look forward to all new members.
Come join the pack, and become a force. 


Reckz - Founder of Task Force 88

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Always accepting new members into The Pack. Join our Discord and message any one of our NCOs or SNCOs to help get you situated. 

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