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How does the ticket bleed work?

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I found some similar threads but didnt find answer for my question. How does it work? I thought if one team has 3 flags and second one has less then second one has to bleed but i sawn Karm's comments



on Twitch during the ISKT and got confused. I dont care about 1 man-1 ticket; FOB-20 tickets etc.

So how many tickets does 1/2/3 flag take?

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In wiki It's under game modes


Capturing Control Points rewards certain ticket bonus based on the amount of flags in play, likewise, losing flags will penalize your team based on the amount of flags in play. A Neutral Control Point will neither add or subtract the total ticket amount from either team. For flags controlled by the enemy team, you will need at least 3 teammates, with a stack bonus rewarded for more teammates on the flags. A neutral flag only needs one teammate to capture.

Control Points Ticket Gain Ticket Loss
3 26 52
4 20 40
5 16 32
6 14 28


Capturing Control Points incurs a bleed penalty for the enemy team. This bleed varies based on the number of Control Points present on the map, and the number of Control Points your team holds (e.g. Your team hold 3 out of 4 flags = 9 ticket per minutes penalty for the enemy team).

Note that to inflict ticket bleed upon the enemy team you need to control a majority of the flags on the map, it does not matter if the remaining flags are uncaptured or captured by the enemy. example: on a 4 flag layer map, if your team captures the first 2 flags and the enemy has not captured their flags, you will not inflict bleed on them as you are not holding the majority of the flags.

Control Points Bleed Amount
3 or 4 3 tickets per minute
5 or 6 2 tickets per minutes


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