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Did the in-game text change with recent update?

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Weird question, try to stay with me here...

I have been playing Squad for about three months, so I've been thru a couple updates for this game.


Apparently you're suppose to clear your user settings cache after every update which I've never done up until this recent 9.6 one.  


So I'm not sure whether it was me clearing my cache or the updates fault... but now my in-game text has this anti-alias around the edges of it when before, it wasnt.  The chat was always crisp with no blurred edges.


It's very minor, not too noticeable.  But I notice it and I'm trying to find a setting that gets rid of it because I've been asking people in game and they're not sure what I'm talking about

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Text was changed as of A9.0 to allow better HUD layering, we are still looking to do some upgrades on this such as better text scaling and anti-aliasing (Also what you are seeing is Aliasing, not anti aliasing (since that is what fixes it)). 

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