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RPG and LAW folding suggestion

Here was this suggestions few yes ago and it looks like no one looked into it.


The problem is that for some unknown reason developers decided that it would be cool to implement sight folding/unfolding animations to launchers. To fold unfold RPG or non empty LAW at first is OK, but no one IRL does that then you want to change ammo type of RPG.

How it is now with RPG: 

1. Take out RPG

2. Unfold sights

3. init Change ammo type

4. Fold back sights

5. take out RPG again

6. Unfold sights

It should combine 4, 5, 6 steps into one changing rocket.


Other problem is with LAV. M72A7 LAV is disposable rocket launcher. Why on earth would you fold it back once fired or you have no more tubes?


Once you have rocket launcher in your hands it should be faster way to switch back to rifle. It feels like all animations are made for firing range and not taking in consideration that you engage the enemy.

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The reason that happens is due to the limitations of the current inventory system. Each round type must be treated as a completely different weapon. Like LugNut said, this will be changing in the coming months. 

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