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Wiki Task #009: Game data extraction tool

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This forum thread documents the activities related Wiki Task #009 as listed on the Community portal.


Read this post on how this task was created. You will find important information in that post - please read it before continuing here.



  • Create external tool which extracts specific data from Squad's game files.
  • See Wiki Task #008 on what data we are talking about.
  • Integrate the tool in such way that its data output can be imported into the "source" from Wiki Task #008, quickly and easily with no or only little manual effort.
  • Get official approval from the devs before starting on this task.

Open points:

  1. Who will do this task? Volunteers?

Action Plan:
(will be added as needed)


Assigned wiki editors:
(will be added as needed)



  • 2017-07-15: Idea was documented in this thread.
  • 2017-06-24: Idea was proposed by Sneaky on Discord.

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Posted (edited)

There is an amazing example of what has been achieved in PR: https://tournament.realitymod.com/mapviewer/


Everything generated automatically from the gamefiles and made available online. Magic!


The original PR post about the mapviewer: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139823


And the sources are here: https://github.com/realitymod/PRGallery

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