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Mister Skippy

Why is the update 3.3 GB?

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I just want an explanation i'm not whining or anything i really liked the tweaks in this update especially locking squads and 1-man unlocking trucks and vehicles.

Why are you guys making bigger maps? I think you are aware that there is a lot of space that is not being used in game for example: (yerohivka , gorodok .....)

In terms of size these maps are huge but why not create more maps like Al Basrah, Logar Valley .... 

We all know this is an Alpha game and everyone has to be patient and give the devs some time but really i'm not trying to complain but a 3.3gb update including tweaks and a new map is way too much.

Is it the textures or the engine that require so much space? Are you trying to improve the graphics and make them use less size?


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Well for one the bigger maps are being made or older ones expanded for when even more vehicles come into play, and in this patch they changed a lot of the mechanics of the game with destructible deployables etc

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