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Mister Skippy

Squad Facebook group for new players

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This post is mainly for new players who are still trying to learn how the game is being played.
I decided to create a Facebook group since everyone today checks on his phone every 5 minutes.
Answering will be faster,you don't have to open steam more frequently if you are a new player to the steam community and discussions.
I am very active in the squad forums,trying to follow streams and all the important news which keeps you updated to the game path.
I have a bunch of friends with 1.6k hours who are going to join and are ready to help every new guy who is lost. Experienced players are welcome too, to lend a hand and are also needed to make this group bigger. I just hope that this project will be something and i am really hoping that all the new players join so they can have proper guidance before spending more hours in game and start wasting Strykers.
Currently  we have only 4 members including me but you always start from scratch but this isn't really a group made for stacking as much members as possible ; me and some other guys who are joining are looking to HELP people so don't be shy to ask (ofc if you are joining us).


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