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Enemy Voice Feedback

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I think there should be some way to hear enemies talking when their coms are open. If you are on the USA team, some english wording. If you are on russian, some russian wording. I realize a real translation or displaying real taking might be a problem, but think about if there was just a way to do something like this maybe with pre-recorded messages. When clearing a building, you would also have to silent coms otherwise they could hear your voices coming. You could identify enemy locations in buildings based on their talking. I am not sure that this would be that hard to do especially with the non-english teams where you could just put random words to act as their voice coms. Or maybe there is some type of radio feedback that could instead be implemented so that it makes it a disadvantage to use coms completely when clearing. I think its a bad ass idea. 

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Tried and tested. Never going to happen. Discourages use of in-game comms and people begin switching over to Teamspeak/Discord. 


Please do a search of the forums before making your next post, because this same post has been made bi-weekly since the game was announced. 

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