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Total War | Chicago Provided by FFO 




Teamspeak: ts3.ffosquad.net


Website: FFOsquad.net


Discord: https://discord.gg/0w4VrjoLl94TNVhO or https://discord.me/ffo


Server Rules:


-No bigoted language
Although we are usually concerned with the intent behind language rather than the use of any particular words, we make an exception for language which is primarily associated with hate speech towards a particular demographic. Regardless of intent, the cultural associations with these words makes their usage unconducive to a friendly environment. Depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be kicked, and or banned immediately.

-Do not consciously hinder your team
Examples of this include, but are not limited to, intentional teamkilling, building irrelevant superFOBs, sitting in main, etc. This is not about player skill; all skill levels are welcome as long as a player is making an honest effort to contribute to their team. This rule is an effort to facilitate teamplay.

-Squad Leaders are required to have a microphone
We support and encourage new Squad Leaders to step up and try the reigns. However, we do expect you to utilize your voice comms to better facilitate communication and teamwork on the team.

-No Intentional Glitching, Cheating, or Hacking
Intentional glitching will result in a kick, Cheating and Hacking will result in a ban, and will be promptly reported to the Squad Devs, with all available evidence.

-Pretending to be FFO Member, Admin, or Mod
This will result in an immediate ban, no warnings will be given.

-Ban evasions of any kind will result in a permanent ban
If you attempt to evade a ban regardless of the initial offence, you will receive a permanent ban. This includes disconnecting after breaking rules.

-If the server is full you may be removed for being AFK
This is in no way meant to be a punishment, this is just to make room for people who want to play.
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- Server has good NA speeds



- Limited Rule Set that allows a lot of misconduct

- Does not encourage team play

- Admins are trolls


Take Away:

If you're looking to be a troll or to mess around without any seriousness then this server is perfect.

Otherwise don't let the good ping trick you into wasting your time.

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Why I play squad?

-Fun Game

-Fun Playerbase

Why I play on total war Chicago

-Fun Playerbase

-Nice server

-Fair Mix of New and Vets

Why I don't Play on total war Chicago Anymore


-Doctors Office


About my Day

-Ice storm (Got out of work early)

-Plow the driveway (sing along to the radio)

-In the singing mood so I play some guitar and do some more singing (out of key (of course))

-"HEY, its Saturday, bet squad is hoppin' right now"

-"OOoo total war is maxed out"

-8 Man queue (worth the wait)

-Join in the tail end of a game

-Join Dr.'s squad because HEY he'll always have a rally down and he knows how to win a game (Don't let it go to your head)


About my game

-I've got a few hours under my belt and was in a good mood, might as well create a squad

-Dr. creates second squad

-Dr., in his normal fashion, is DEMANDING I place my squad in an explicit place

-I'm taking my squad to a mid cap as other smaller squads take the back cap and Dr. pushes with a far cap

-Small squad on back cap is ambushed and wiped

-"Alright boys and girls, our guys got wiped, lets get that back cap."

-oh no, they've fobbed up our back caps and two squads are holding it down

-Dr. is acting as his normal self (If you don't know what that is, don't play SL while he is SLing on your team)

-I keep a low profile because I know he only gets louder once confronted

-Dr. takes a look at what my squad is doing and the hounding begins

-At this point I've been in direct communication with other SL's he has been nonstop yelling at since the beginning of the game

-so why not, I get in a little argument with him while he continues to explain to me how the game OUGHT to be played

-since we left main base all the squad leads have been unable to think straight due to his CONSTANT complaining/yelling/insulting

-I've had enough, at this point he continues to yell/"explain" and I interrupt him each time because I don't NEED an explanation (thanks anyway)

-Kicked for: "trolling?" 


Take away message

-Total War: Chicago is a nice server when the Dr. is out


Message for the Dr.


       You've developed a reputation among east coast players and not a positive one. I'm gunna ask you to put away your "Do you know how many competitive games I've played" attitude for a moment and try to use your big boy brain. Teams win and lose matches, I understand winning is WAY more satisfying (especially in squad) and most people would like to win every match they play. When someone develops a "BEST SL" mentality I believe they no longer posses the ability to get any better. There are much more efficient ways to explain/coach/coax allied squad leads. Allied squad leaders can be just as hindering as a chatty squad member over comms. (There are numpad bindings for a reason) When a team is winning, all is good, but your toxic nature and hindering personality shine best when a team is losing. You're the first to point a finger and the last to accept fault. I finally made an account with squad to post this because I believe you are what makes total war: Chicago bad. I'm sorry you haven't developed a mentality that allows for compromise and effective communication. I'm sorry you throw a tantrum when games are lost. I'm sorry you wont understand a word of this and I'm sorry your first response will be anger. I'm not the smartest man, so here is a scenario most can relate to.


You walk into a bar.

The man who talks about his mercedes-benz is in debt.

The man with the smallest wang is drinking straight bourbon.

The dumbest man in the room will explain to you how smart he truly is.

The man in the back of the room playing squad on his laptop and yelling constantly, he needs to close his mouth and open his ears.








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I was playing now in his server. What you've said describes him with perfection, dangerboy34.

> The match begins with him telling people to move from one squad to another.

> Then he tells me to get out of the truck.

> I didn't know he was the admin until I saw that his name matches with the server name and by his aggressive tone of voice.

> I comply and get out of the truck.

> He then procedes to tell everyone to get out of the truck so he could get in and claim it for himself.

> Everyone gets out but one person.

> That person gets insta kicked.

> After we all get to the flag, I get the truck again and asks me why.

> I asnwer him why and he says something and then "whatever" as in that he doesn't care.

> A few seconds later he tells me to place a FOB even though my squad was just my friend and I.

> I tell him that it is impossible to place a FOB with 2 people.

> He gets even more aggressive because my squad doesn't have 3 people likes it's my fault.

> Then he asks what I'm doing.

> I, beginning to get impatient tell him that I'm playing my game that I bought with my money

> PERMA BAN with the stated reason: refuses to play objective


My friend got mad with that kinda of behaviour and went to talk to someone on his Discord channel. Doc and his admin friends stop playing to get off on the chaos that he created and tells us that we can "go ahead lol" and post the video on the admin abuse section on this forum because devs aren't gonna do anything about it.

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There is a very simple way to not have to deal with doc if you are to much of a panzy a** snowflake to be able to deal eith being told how to play the game by aomwone with more experience than most of the server combined........ GO PLAY ON DESMOS NOOBIE AND SNOWFLAKE FRIENDLY SANCTUARY AND STAY OFF A SERVER THAT IS KNOWN FOR AND MENT FOR HIGHER LEVEL PLAY. its not a hard concept to understand.

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Wow... 1 post on the forum, Tjgunny. Butthurt much, I guess.


Anyway, I don't take offense from the likes of you. Instead, I will give a few lessons in the name of the community.


- Making the whole team push in the same flag from the same place of departure is not called PTFO. That's just being dumb. One or two squads doing that, ok. But the whole team? No. Just... No.

- There is something called flanking. That needs no explanation. Any human being that gets logic will understand this. If you don't, I suggest you read some Sun Tzu before playing, or even talking.
- There are other roles squads can play besides attacking or deffending a flag. A few of those are: supporting other squads from the flank, either by attacking their target or just holding position so they don't get flanked; doing recon; and searching and destroying enemy vehicles, mines, FOBs and rally points.


Have a good one.

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Doctor needs a doctor....just saying...


33 minutes ago, Iloveyourbackpack said:

It is hilarious that most of the comments on here are about Doc Hammer.

Well because whoever runs Total War Chicago made a horrible decision in choosing and continuously backing a known problematic player with questionable online behavior unbecoming of a server administrator...As per the guidelines, Dr. Doolittle (because he does little and talks a lot):


~ Admins should work to shape their server into a constructive environment for new players to learn in.

Among many other guidelines he clearly does not follow because he's "top dog"


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Have to agree with all of you about the whole Dr. sham. My first experience in his squad has got to be one of my most toxic in the entire game. I recall spawning in early to walk around and i was immediately kicked from the squad, i had no intention of doing wrong, nor did i have direction. Next round i was in his squad with a fellow AoR member. Him and i went for a flank and it was unsuccessful. Immediately after that i heard the Dr screaming about how AoR lost its competitive match. I no longer play in either of the two servers and advise anyone from doing so. Never met a bigger narcissist than the Dr, he cant even take constrictive criticism. If you try telling him anything he just yells at you and kicks you lol.   

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EDIT:removed it myself dont want to start a shit storm (had to do with doc being a retard)



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