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EAC Kicked: Authentication Timeout 2/2 error

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Hey guys,


Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


I'm having this problem since a few days ago. Never happened before. I must add (maybe it has something to do), that my clock keeps changing the time, don't know why either.


It doesn't happen too often. Most of the times happens at the start of the game round when i join the server. The round ends, ppl leave so i can enter and then after a few seconds (from 30 seconds to 2 mins) it kicks me with that message "EAC Kicked: Authentication Timeout 2/2 error". Usually if I manage to bypass that time i get to play with no kicks.


Is that i have a virus and this thing detects it somewhow?


Thank you!

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Your time keeps changing? This sounds like it could be a system clock being out of sync issue. This has been known to cause issues with EAC. 

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I have the same problem but my error is EAC KICKED: authentication timed out (1/2)
When I start the game I get an error message and it says Easyanticheat error: untrusted system file (c: \ windows \ system32 \ vcruntime140.dll)

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