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Need some visuals assistance.

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Screenshot 1


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Hello everyone,


I am having some graphics issues that I have been trying to troubleshoot to no avail. My game, after about 70m distance, starts to look very grainy/blurry/pixelated. I have tried playing in fullscreen and borderless window. Turning off AA and setting supersampling to recommended amounts. Fiddled with the sharpen image slider. Nothing seems to make a difference. The screenshots I provided, my settings are everything at Epic/Cinematic, No AA, SS 1.25x, 50 Sharpen.


My PC is as follows:


i7 7700k

EVGA 1080ti

Corsair Vengeance 64GB RAM



Framerates are always 120+ and I suffer no slowdowns.


Any help into this would be massively appreciated. Anything at medium to long distances are nearly impossible to spot out, especially players hanging out in windows :)


As a side note, I did play this game on another PC with much lower hardware specifications than my current machine and, while I was running settings on medium, I saw no issues that I see now. On my current machine, I tried gfx settings from low up, and nothing seems to make a difference.


Thank you to anyone that can help!

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5 hours ago, Lightcrest said:

Framerates are always 120+ and I suffer no slowdowns.

Sorry i cant help right now re your issues (also my eyesight is worse than my hearing.......) but I will look into more when I have a little more time.

But 120+ FPS at all times (all maps, full servers?). Is this really the case? (I hope it is).

I play in 1440p, 1.25 resolution scaling, with all settings low/off (except shadows medium, view distance high - current tournament settings) and on some maps my FPS drops to 70. I am running 7700k at 4.8Ghz, 32GB RAM @3000Mhz, MSI Gaming X 1080ti, M.2 SSD. So very similar system to you.


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The biggest changer is the filterin method, find one that appeals to your eye. 

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If you have problems with spotting enemy soldiers, I can recommend ULQ approach that works in most "competitive" games .... 


1. Get in your GPU settings, set everything to best possible settings so max texture filter, max anisotropic filtering etc but turn OFF your SRAA. (With AMD GPUs I recommend also turning off MLAA, it's perfect feature for other games but makes far distances blurry in SQUAD, just like SRAA).

2. Get in game, set maximum resolution you can set

3. Get SS to 2.0x

4. Turn OFF all special effects (you can leave eye adaptation if you want)

5. Set everything to LOW except rendering distance, you can also keep effects if you can.

6. Turn off Sharpening and AA


If you do it you should to be able to spot enemy at insane distances. But if you feel it's unfair, do the same with GPU settings, but in game set everything to epic, AA to OFF and SS to 2.0 and enjoy the game.


If this doesn't work, turn on everything you can except in game AA, keep it OFF and make sure you set SS to 2.0 - and it should be OK. 




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