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Unexpected error. (0xC0020015)

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When i try to launch squad using launcher, i get this error,actually i get this error trying to launch any game using EAC,i'm hoping to find a fix before i have to contact EAC itself.


And before you say reinstall EAC,restart your PC,restart steam i'll let you know i did tried everything including reinstalling the game,and i'm hopefull that i don't have to reinstall windows


(Note:I can launch the game just fine without the launcher but can't join any servers due to fact that EAC is not running.)

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Sorry for encountering this error. Could you create a Process Monitor log and upload it to e.g. https://uploadfiles.io as .zip? You can send the link to the upload directly to me via PM. Hopefully this way we will be able to identify the issue and deliver a fix.

For quick instructions on creating the Process Monitor log: https://support.easyanticheat.net/kb/troubleshooting/procmon/?lr=en-us


Thanks a lot! 

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