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[FROG] Adult clan inviting new members to join us.

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Looking for Adult players who want to work together as a team!

Hi my name is Jeremy, I'm the Clan Leader of FrogOps an adult gaming community for players ages 18+ and currently we're welcoming in new members from the community to join our ranks.

We're a simi-hardcore group and by that I mean we enjoy having a bit of fun but at the same time we know when to get serious.

Use of a microphone is a requirement for our clan as they're fairly cheap and really helps improve teamwork. 

We also use TeamSpeak 3 as our community communications application and is the only other requirement besides staying active.

Since we're talking about being active, Most of us are parents raising a family so we understand that you have a job, wife/husband and kids breaking things in the house or watching lion king for the million-th time. All we ask is that you hop on a few times a month even just for a moment to say hi. 

We are a fairly new clan so right now we are looking to make a great leap forward in terms of membership and once we get to a proper amount of people we will be hosting a number of clan events such as.   

Zombie Horde // Dirt Bike & Truck Racing // VIP Extraction // Hostiage Rescue // 79 v 1 // Pistols Only // Vehicles Only // Gernades Only // Werewolf Hunt // and much much more!

We take players of all levels of skill no matter if you just bought the game or are a complete expert. 

For more information check out our website at https://www.frogclan.com/join-us

While you're at it check out one of our latest productions.



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