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Squad Server Creator Script(s)

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Hello All,


I have been watching the forums and discord and see a lot of people asking how to create/setup the Squad servers. I had some time so I went ahead and created a batch file for Windows that will create/configure the server for you. As a heads up, this does use BITS to download WGET which is used to download SteamCMD and 7Zip to extract the items. You can run the batch file and it will create the C:\Apps and C:\Games folder for you. The creator has also been made in a way you can use the file over and over to create more and more instances on the same box/VM all with the step by step menus. I am currently working on the Linux version as well for a non-GUI based server.


Splash screen for the creator.



Server configuration.



Confirmation of changes about to be made.



Multiple servers running from the creator.



Showing the "StartSquadServer1.bat" file that starts the server with your selections.



The current version of the batch file for Windows can be downloaded here:


So you can view the code:


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Added more screenshots.

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I don't run a server, but this looks pretty sweet!

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Very nicely written batch file. I also do not run a server, but if I did, I would definitely use this script :) 

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