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NO kit restriction

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Valhalla No Restrictions - Bi-weekly Friday night event 4 games, No kit restrictions, All valid placement and watch the mayhem ensue.


Friday 6/16 8pm EST



We will be running 4 maps, 3 of which will be decided by the players. There are no kit restrictions, so you are able to choose how many of what ever class you want. It should be some pretty crazy games.


We are turning on all valid placement, so if you feel like building a sky fob under fire then best of luck to you. There will be a 400m fob rule, which you are going to have to check your maps for to reduce super spam.


1st come 1st server 1st ever event of its kind. Lets so what wacky stuff we can accomplish


Streamers that will be recording in Admin cam
https://www.twitch.tv/strikerc123 https://www.twitch.tv/johnnyomaha https://www.twitch.tv/watchtowerr

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