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Full Server Sharing

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Hello Players

Some months ago I have rented a full dedicated server for making a squad server for a community I made in squad.
The main problem it's from this community of 73 players most don't play squad, or just rarely. Its about 15 players actives on weekends.

So i have a good squad server always empty, so I want to know if any clan or community want to share this squad server with me?

Info about the Dedicated server where its allocated the squad server:
Intel i7-4790k  4.0 GHz
1.000 GB SATA
120 GB SSD
1.000 MBit of internet speed
From Germany.
Plus I have BattleMetrics activated on the server!

It's not just about sharing the bills or something like that, it's really frustrating, have a good server always empty because we are only 15 players there!

If someone interested or wants to know something else send me a message on steam:   http://steamcommunity.com/id/rcanabis

Best regards


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