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New player: Finn55 - Shout out to Rulie!

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Hey squaddies,


I've had the game for a year or two now but haven't played much due to the steep learning curve and sense of "I am sure I am making this harder for my team!"

I have an affinity for military simulator game. I used to be in an Americas Army clan back in 2006, played heaps of ARMA and the like. I mainly play Overwatch + Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Factorio now which are good fun.

I wanted to give Squad another go recently, so decided to jump into a low population server (2 people) to test out some controls, weapons and graphic settings. I was doing this for maybe 10 minutes before a player named Rulie jumped in. As soon as he knew I was a rookie, he jumped straight into coach mode and helped me with the basics - I also happened to be squad lead! 

He was extremely helpful, patient and friendly. 


Cheers Rulie, see you in there!



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Tanks Finn55! We had a great team that day. I hope i didn't teach you all my bad habits and tactics...that would be counter productive. A special mention should go out the fella who didn't have a mic on the logie truck runs. I hope he gets his crowd funding page up soon and gets a mic for his puter!

@Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX...Have you sharpened that bloody chainsaw yet? ....go and sharpen you're darn chainsaw old man! :P

@ChanceBrahh ...i was the only Squad medic, he was waiting for a revive, i only stuck my tongue in his ear once and there is no video proof or DNA evidence! B|




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