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Highway to Hell - EU Community

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Discord for Teamplay and Support:
Steam Group:

short introduction


We are a small Group of people, who love to play the game Squad.

So we decided to create a server for playing with many people from different countries.


Squad Server specifications


(no virtualization or shared cores/memory)


  • Prozessor: Intel Core i7-2600 4 Core / 8 Threads @ 3.8 Ghz
  • RAM: 12 GB with a maximum of 31 GB useable
  • Server storage: RAMDISK @ 1200 mb/s
  • Network connection: 10 Gbit/s
  • running Linux debian jessy as OS
  • hoster is located in NRW Germany

[EU] =Highway to Hell = 24/7 Al Basrah (130 tick)


IP to connect:


gameserver tickrate: 130 tick @ maximum rate


72 slots / 8 reserved


vanilla Settings + active administration


server rules


  • no cheating / glitching / griefiing / ghosting or other unfair behaviour
  • no racism or flaming in general
  • no mic spamming / music playing / unnecessary screaming
  • no chat spamming and no discussions in ALL chat
  • no teamkilling / teamattack on purpose
  • Squad Leader MUST have a working microphone and speak english in SL´s channel
  • no racist/ explicit or insulting names / tags
  • Do not rush the enemy first flag







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