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Hello, my name is Pakovic

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Who the hell am I? 

You never heard of me? That's possible, I do not show up on many servers but for first let me introduce myself. I am currently 15 years old and I live in Czech Republic. I found this game in June 2016 thanks to Tartarus Cast, a Czech gaming youtube channel. About a month after that I bought this game and started playing it more and more active. Half a year after that I was invited to an international clan called Mumblerines and started playing the game competitively. In short period of time I met a lot of fantastic players that I will never forget and hope that I will play will them again. 9 months after my "start" I decided that I want to do something useful and now I am moderator for the Czech Republic and whenever I see opportunity to get more players to this game I try to get it. 

How did I even start with gaming?

That is quite a long time ago. If I remember it well first game I played was a game from Czech studio called Vietcong. After that, I spent about 4 years just on consoles. Somewhere in second class I started playing a musical instrument called the keyboard. That is one of my most favourite hobbies right after gaming. At this moment I am studying at high school. 

Hopefully we will see each other on Squad!

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