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Is it time for dedicated Roles aka Driver.

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1 hour ago, SgtRoss said:

Crewman kits and an updated claiming system is in the works.


Awesome! Interested in learning how this new system works...

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On 2017-6-7 at 10:21 AM, Dennisz125 said:

Can we have it in V10 or V11?

V10 no. Unlikely, but who knows what the devs will start working on after they complete Animations and Core-inventory. 


We do have tanks and helos in the works now, so I don't think it would be that outlandish to predict new classes to go with them. 

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There a few reasons for and against crew man kits etc more a start make squads 12 memebers ijcinfibg ftl and sl as this is the max in a squad in the real military secondly the commander of each side has to agree to you having an none squad / infantry role there for a squad leader says Joe block was to fly our apache sobcomannarer say OK he gets kit limited to one per team per 3 control points same for tanka etc but currejtbgame vics are for any one within current rules 



This means that a player can only get the new roles if agreed to by squad leader and other squad leaders and its commander with bigger teams fighting thats  fine like 100 vs 100 or 70 cs 70 as this would be 2 or 3 platoona on one battle field this in turn wouldean each squad would have a channel ala the squad number and local voiceband squad voice and fire team leader voice the nee embers in each squad would be as follow

Ammo bearer aka an extra rifleman

Automatic assignant rifleman carries a light gun similar to ar

Ftl plusbthe other 9



All thought aar or ftl and ab could he in tank or mortars etc




And para plays seen a few of you squad games gggg




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