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What can this cpu ram and bandwidth handle

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so i just got a refurbished rig for hosting some csgo BS server this added to the one i have sitting around, so i'm thinking of hosting maybe a squad server at home without a host 2 rigs specs are : 1 - a quad core HT 3.4 ghz stock 8 GB ram and seconds a 3.6 dual core HT with 4 GB, and i got around 10 Mb (not MB) of upload running along, can i host a squad server and how many slots if 30 tickrate is a posibility xD. Thanks  p.s my 5 ghz kaby lake is for gaming rig :P 

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With 3.6 Ghz you are looking around for 50 players at max with some tickrate drops. Minimum 8 gb RAM is recommended for any amount of players. With this internet connection however (if i understood right, you have 10 mbps) you are not going to be able to host any game server.

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