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[GER] iXtreme Multigaming Community

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iXtreme Multigaming Community


Welcome to iXtreme's Squad Server!

We revived our old Multigaming Clan and opened up a Squad Server.

Our Goal is to create a good server, based on Teamwork and communication.


Server Name: [GER] iXtreme Multigaming Community

Server IP [Teamspeak and server]:


Slots: 80 [3 reserved]


Main language: german, english


Forum Link




1. Do not offend other players (e.g racism, sexism, homophobic)

2. Do not hack or use other unfair exploits

3. Teamwork & communication is the key to win!

4. Squadleaders must have a microphone

5. Do not lone-wolf!


If you break one of these rules, the Admins have the freedom to kick/ban you.

The hardness of your punishment will be decided by the Admin.


If you are interested, feel free to join our Teamspeak or Server :)

If you have questions just ask ;D

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