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OpFor is recruiting - EU

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We are a "new" clan that has arisen from the ashes of 20r and are looking for active players !


Website : http://opfor.eu

Discord : https://discord.gg/jXJUbJV 

Teamspeak : uk-voice4.fragnet.net:9013

Steamgroup : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OPFOR-Squad 



Age 18+

English speaking

50 hours in squad



Don't be a ***

3 times a week active


ABOUT US We are a mix of casual and hardcore players who like to not take everything to serious unless we have to for matches/events, we have a very informal way of interaction and dont take our rankings very serious, we are all equal and in this together to have some fun. Our main focus is squad and we play just about everyday starting in the evening at 19:00 UTC. other than that we play other games together casually aswell just for fun. We have a seperate clanmatch team with only the best and most skilled members which you can get added to if you are skilled/active/communicative enough, and play regular events within the squad community.



When you get accepted to OpFor you will get a Trial period for 2 weeks as a Recruit where we see if you are active enough (3 times a week) and if you fit in and like it, afterwards you will become a full member or not. Also as a Recruit you will not be able to join Community Clan Fightnight ( CCFN ) seeing as we only want members playing it that know our tactics and way of playing well.

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Still on the lookout for people to join up. Active daily and playing on a variety of EU servers. Feel free to check out the discord and ask any questions you may have.

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