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Screen/ Mouse issue.

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So i have this problem where i can't play cause my mouse pointer is offset , i can't change settings, i can go in-game as well but i can't spawn cause there's like a invisible restricted box where i can't move further with my mouse. Sometimes there's both issues at the same time, mouse offset and invisible restriction of screen. Game restart won't help.


I googled and searched forum of different topics about this, one guy said that he had image/objects scaling on 125%, he put it back to 100% and that fixed it. I don't even bother trying this, cause i use 55" 4K TV and i have set image scaling to 150%, otherwise i can't see anything inside windows.


Has anyone seen similar problem and have any ideas how to work around it. 



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After scaling it back to default, it worked flawlessly. 


Interesting, i check out this app scaling, thanks for the reply.


Best option would be if developers looked in to it and tweaked the game so this issue would not persist, i imagine these days many people use alternative displays and settings so it would not be wasted effort.

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