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-|TBG|- Seach and Destroy - Squad Event

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TIME: 8PM Eastern Time
DATE: Saturday, May 20th
Hosted by True Born Gaming - Credit to Thunderdome for the original concept.
-Each team has 15 minutes to fortify and protect their FOB position on the map.
-Build your FOB & HAB within that position.
-Communicate with squad leaders to find weak spots within your FOB’s defense.
-Once the 15 minute timer is up, one pre-determined team will be chosen to attack.
-The attacking side has 25 minutes to capture the defenders FOB.
-The defending side wins if they hold a defense for 25 minutes.
-Once the 25 minute attacking timer is over, both teams are given 5 minutes to regroup/repair the FOB.
-Once regrouped, the attackers and defenders switch roles.


-Your team is allowed unlimited logistics runs throughout the game.
-Defenders must stay within FOB radius.
-The attacking team may place 1 additional FOB/HAB while attacking.
-The attacking team cannot use mortars, the defenders can.
-You can use vehicles for attacking and defending.

-Attackers must retreat when specified.

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