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Naikel [FR]

Vehicule channel please

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i'm sure it was asked before (even if i couldn't find a topic about it with the search option) but it would be great we have a vehicule chat. Maybe with the sound of the motor and fire decreasing when somebody use it.
I'm accoutumed to be the squad leader and this is a cluster♥♥♥♥/mess to understand people as you have the 2 guys in the btr, tracked vehicule who yell the hell out of their throat in the squad chat for say where to shoot as the motor cover their voice in local channel.

It's almost if i have to smoke illegal things just after a game because squad leaders, members, vehicule and gun fires makes you go crazy.

I am not asking you to decrease the sound of fire or vehicule motor. Only to make a vehicule channel for people inside can talk freely without disturbing all the squad.

Thanks for reading, and big thank if players/dev answers :)


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