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My game keeps on randomly crashing. My screen turns black then crashes to desktop. Any fixes?

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I bought squad four days ago and as fun, as it is, my game frequently crashes and it's extremely annoying and discouraging. Every time it crashes, I don't feel like playing anymore and it's annoying. I'm really enjoying the game but If it continues to crash all the time, I'm going to consider returning it which I don't wanna do. Whenever it crashes, my screen goes black then white and then it crashes to desktop. Anyone know a fix? I know some devs roam this subreddit, Can you help me?


PC Specs:

i5 4690k 3.5Ghz

Sapphire r9 290 3gb VRAM

8gb 2x4 DDR3

750w Coolermaster PSU

 I watched the temps while playing via Speedfan and neither my GPU / CPU ever went above 70c

Nothing is overclocked in my PC. When it crashes, it seems to be random however the past few times it's crashed was when I had just joined a server, when I spawned in and when I was aiming down sights in a building. Also, Most if not all of my crashes have been on the Al Basrah map.

All my drivers are up to date and squad is the only game that crashes like this. I am currently re-installing the game



Thanks in advance.

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Suggest putting settings to medium and off. and slowly increase to see what's causing the issues. What res you trying to run. 

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have you got stream textures on or off


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There is a log when your game crashes now:



When you press on click here to view directory, it will open a directory with log files. If you post Squad.log here in text(hidden under the Spoiler, obviously) and post all files from that directory(CrashContext.runtime-xml, CrashReportClient.ini, Squad.log, UE4Minidump.dmp), then just maybe someone will be able to help you with your problem.


You can also post text of files located at %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. Post files in text hidden under spoilers and files themselves. It will take some time to do all of that but that's what you want to do if you want your problem fixed.


I would also install another version of Windows real fast on another HDD and tried to play the game to see if problem still exist on clear version of Windows.

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Just another wild guess, launch task manager(or any other process manager), open Processes or Details tab(depending on version of your Windows) and close all programs which could have overlays or anything like that. Turn off antivirus and firewall.

Try to close as many programs as you can. Perfectly you should have Steam and Squad running, everything else which didn't come with Windows should be closed.

I had similar problems as you in different games(including Squad). And often it was this program which was trying to hook another program and bullshit like that.

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Just found this based on your crash log:





It is probably a hardware/driver problems.


I would start with downgrading my driver version. Recommended AMD driver ATM is 16.300.2311.0:

// From OR-27051 as of 8/4/2016 is 16.300.2311.0 7/18/2016 (Crimson Edition 16.9.2)

// From OR-27051
+Blacklist=(DriverVersion="==15.300.1025.1001", Reason="Crashes with Paragon content using more recent GPU features")

// 14.301.1001.0 - are the AMD drivers that seem to be causing crashes when we try to compile a compute shader.
+Blacklist=(DriverVersion="<=14.301.1001.0", Reason="Crashes with Paragon content using more recent GPU features")

I think I would start with 16.300.2311.0. If problem continue to exist on this driver, I would probably install next driver which goes after 14.301.1001.0 and would try them one by one, one after another till the recommended 16.300.2311.0 version. While also trying to fix this problem using other methods...


Make sure you have your video card plugged into 16x PCI-e. To do that you need to open manual of your motherboard and see which PCI-e is/are 16x and which are 8x/4x/1x. Or sometimes they mark it on the motherboard itself.


Make sure both 8-pin connectors have good connection with a video card.


Sometimes people get this kind of problems because of dysfunctional PSU. So if you have multiple PCs, try changing PSU.


I would also try switching RAM to other slots and connect different pieces by themselves(one a time). I personally sometimes get similar errors in Squad when I overclock my RAM too much(same with VRAM).


Do you have anything else plugged into PCI-e slots? Disconnect all hardware and software devices you can and try to play Squad like that. You want as little amount of variables in your equation as possible.


I would also try to downclock core and memory clocks on the video card. Maybe increase voltage by 1 step.


Sometimes even something wild as changing from HDMI to DVI or changing any other type of interface to any other type of interface helps. The thing is all of these techs is a one big glitch. Problem can hide anywhere, sometimes it is even refresh of your monitor xddd.


Good luck! crazy.gif





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3 minutes ago, Luttrell said:

Alright, I'll try downgrading my driver versions and see how it goes. Thanks

I would recommend to use Driver Display Uninstaller to properly uninstall your current drivers first:



It is pretty easy to use, just follow instructions on the website.

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