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Looking to buy a laptop to take on my travels.

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Hello everyone! How you all doing?


So, I am traveling the world at the moment, working along the way. I have had to miss Squad for almost a year now and it is starting to slowly kill me. I am currently working in Australia for a year and making a nice amount of money, as you do here. I will be looking into buying a laptop which is suitable

to take with me whilst backpacking (So not too large and heavy). And I want to be able to run Squad and other games (gta 5, star citizen?, project reality) without a problem. I know one or two things about computers but not much about laptops as I never owned one. I found some refurbished laptops on amazon but I was not allowed to order them from an Australian address which is a pain.


So my question, what laptops should I consider and are a reasonable price +- 1000$

Perhaps or maybe even preferably second hand somewhere.


Hopefully someone can help me out with some information on what I should look for or even better, a link to buy something.


I miss you guys, hope you are all doing well and enjoying Squad a lot!





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Hi Mike!


Medium Specs (min):

15,6" video 

i5 (i3 min)

8Gb RAM (4Gb min)

2Gb RAM Video Card

1Tb HDD (500Gb min)


something like this: http://cplonline.com.au/laptops-notebooks/multimedia-laptops/asus-x541uj-dm026t-x541uj-15-6fhd-i5-8gb-1tb-v2g-dvd-w10.html


anything more powerful is better, especially for the video card (Go NVIDIA ;))




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Wazzup @MikeDude ...Good to hear from you from DownUnder. Don't know  mowt about LapPlops maybe you should ask @ChanceBrahh

Where to go for specials deals over there.

When i was DownUnder many moon's ago i didn't really have anytime for playing games(i mean computer games) other games Yes Wink,wink you know what i mean.... ;)


Have a great one & take care...RD

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Pick something from the list. ....



As you will know you'll want a cpu with a decent clock speed so the higher the better for Squad. As you're carrying it you'll want something light (don't forget the weight of the psu). You'll want 8gb ram minimum (16gb if you can get it). Try and get something with either ssd or an m.2 drive. 15.6" is the best compromise for weight/screen size/cost and if you can get Gsync all the better. I like the gtx1070 but there are builds out there with 1050ti and 1060 if you wanna save some cash. With laptops you can't really afford to hold back on specs as there is little room for upgrades during their useful life.

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@Major Trouble @Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX @Chip0 Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the info! I'll have a look and make a decision soon. 



12 hours ago, Norby said:







How are you doing mate? How was India?




Hey man! Yeah I am doing great! India was amazingly beautiful and awesome. I managed a hostel for two months, worked at a dog rescue place and in a bar. Such a good experience. After that half a year I went to Thailand for a bit and with my last money I got my Aussie working holiday visa and a ticket to Perth. Got here with 300 euros left haha. Found a job in a country hotel/bar and saved up 6000 dollars in two months, bought a car and drove north. And now I am working on a farm for the seeding season for three months! Aussie is amazing so far as well, its beautiful. I'm not sure where to go after this. Perhaps do a working holiday in Canada or New Zealand.








Its been killing me watching all the Squad updates coming out and not being there! I miss it so much and you guys! Mmm 



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Get a thin 17 inch, decent CPU, 1060 6GB GPU, 16GB RAM, SSD laptop and your good to go.


I know 17 is big, but you need to see stuff in Squad.

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Miss you too Mike! Glad to hear you are having a good time. Working holiday visa for Canada should be easy to get. Just plan about 2 month for the bureaucracy time. Make sure you stop by here if you do come to Canada (I moved to Canada after you started your trip to India)

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