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[ENG] Foot Soldier Alliance (Public Server)

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Server IP-

Server Name - [ENG] Foot Soldier Alliance (Public Server)

Contact Admins via discord at https://discord.gg/buDSmMs



1. No Rascism, Sexism, Homophobic or Xenophobic statements.

2. Do not immitate or pretend to be an admin.

3. Do not use glitches/bugs or any kind of exploit.

3-a. No hacking/cheating/Scripting

Breaking the above rules can and WILL result in a BAN.

4. Work as a team, Communicate (do not go "LONE WOLF.")

5. BEFORE kicking a player from your squad,

please tell them why you are doing this (via text or mic)

so that they can learn from their mistakes to become better players.


The Foot Soldier Alliance server is a 72 slot London UK based server (2 reserved slots). We currently have 2 Admins and are looking for more.


We promote communication and team play as we believe that this gives the best experience for all. Co-ordinated, multiple-squad advances are going to get results as oposed to shambolic lone-wolves pushing without communicating.


If you're interested in the server then feel free to come say hi on the discord! we appreciate all the support :)https://discord.gg/buDSmMs


All the best,


Jordan - Spence games

Daniel  -  lynn

Edited by Lynn

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