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Few changes that would help the flow of the game

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1. Remove bleedout timers. You can stay incapacitated for as long as you like.
If you get hit by anything that would normally instakill you, while incapacitated, it starts a 30 second bleedout timer.
If you get hit by anything that would normally incapacitate you, while already incapacitated it starts a 1-2 minute bleedout timer.

2. Remove spawn timers from rallies. Make rallies switch off, if enemies are too close.
If an enemy gets within 50 meters of a rally it becomes unspawnable and doesn't show up on your map.
If an enemy stays within 50 meters of a rally for 1-2 minutes it disappears completely and SL's timer gets reset.

3. Fire Support kits don't replenish ammo for their non-standard weapons, when spawning on Rallies.
Rockets for LAT, grenades for Grenadier, bullets for Marksman and AR.

4. Vehicles don't repair or replenish ammo, when the engine is On and/or someone in the driver or gunner seat.
5. Using your last grenade or smoke doesn't automatically switch you to your primary.

6. Last input gets priority
Whatever button I press last should trigger the according action, not be in conflict with a different key that I may or may not be holding down.

7. No aiming down sights while crawling
If you try to ADS while crawling it'll steady the barrel and keep it point forward but won't give you a sight picture.
You would also have reduced speed and same sway as if you were crouched.

8. No aiming while going prone
If you go prone from standing up the game should force you into the same animation as when crawling forward - with your gun pointed sideways.
If you go prone from crouched, you should not be able to aim down sights until you touch the ground.

9. Any damage taken, puts you in a ragdoll state.
Getting shot or taking enough damage from a grenade to make you bleed, puts you into ragdoll anywhere from 0.2 to 0.7 seconds.
IEDs, Mines, Mortars and comparable explosions that deal enough damage to you, put you into ragdoll for 0.5 up to 2 seconds.
Surviving an HMG round hit puts you into ragdoll for 1 second.
Fall damage currently high enough to make you bleed puts you into ragdoll for 0.2 second and doesn't make you bleed.
Fall damage that would currently kill you, puts you into ragdoll for 5 seconds and doesn't kill you but makes you bleed.
Falling from a 10-15+ meter height instakills you.

10. *fill in, in responses*


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1. No

2. No

3. No

4. Yes

5. No

6. Buy a better keyboard

7. Yes

8. Has been discussed before, devs will fix it

9. No

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