[Suggestion] Scout's Mine, TK's should go to the driver

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5 hours ago, Cavazos said:

 I definitely think drivers getting the TK points is a step in the right direction as drivers have much more motivation to look for mine markers.


I believe this is a good compromise vs assigning the TK to the scout. So attribute suicide and/or TK to driver.


Secondly, to your point about mine placement... I agree placement near main is pretty stupid. However, placement around outer areas of a recently captured point makes sense, given known regular enemy travel routes. The intent is obvious given the nature of assets and ebb and flow of the game (capture points), awareness is key. Keep armor forces at bay so infantry can defend long enough for the next point to be captured. The driver has the responsibility of the souls in his vehicle (period), so don't travel carelessly. Makes it more of a requirement to have competent drivers so not to waste vehicle assets and player tickets/lives.


[Intended meta less the carelessness] - I actually enjoy the rounds where passengers are hoping out at critical points for mine sweeps before crossing a known hotbed. Digging them up or just confirming its clear. Adds another layer to the meta when played that way. Seen a few ambushes when this is done as well. Very tense and exciting or painful to witness all In one, depending which end your on in given scenario.

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On 12/05/2017 at 11:00 AM, Planetgong said:

I get what you're saying, but technically it's still your mine killing them.
Maybe you should discuss mine placement with your/other sl to prevent such things.

lul? What about drivers-griefers or whole squad of griefers?

Driver should be instantly banned for, like, 1 week or something for destroying a vehicle on a friendly mine. And 1 week per teammate in his vehicle.

And I don't even play as scout myself, I mean, I haven't placed a single mine in this game. But I definitely do play vehicles myself as a driver and as a gunner.


That's how it was in Battlefield 2 when you were doing some crazy things like that, you would get automatically banned by plugins for ramming friendly or enemy vehicles on planes/helicopters, destroying friendly vehicles with C4 and stuff like that. There were servers where you would even get banned until the end of the round if you rammed a tree with your plane and destroyed it.

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