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New Player shopping for computer!

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28 minutes ago, XRobinson said:

You guys should get together and do a youtube channel, call it PC builder wars, who can build the best and cheapest PC for your budget.  :) Argue every component, every retailer, every FPS gain for your buck.  It would be seen by millions, you would both be rich beyond words!



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On 2017-5-13 at 6:44 PM, MrOcto said:



Clearly I hit a nerve when I pointed out how inadequate your build was at meeting the user's needs.

I'm keen to see how you respond further 

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3 hours ago, Kevin38 said:

Alright I REALLY appreciate the help guys, I didnt mean to start any kind of rift (lol), but I mainly am just interested in getting a tower as I will piece the rest together. As an experienced gamer in this genre I know what works best for me keyboard, mouse, etc etc......


Also $1-2K (fall somewhere in the middle preferably) is all I really care to spend which I feel should be sufficient for what I wan to use it for, I am not techy at all as far as builds go so I do need it already assembled. I will always leave room for an upgrade.....


Thank you ALL again!

Hey, no worries you didn't start anything at all, nothing important anyway. It's just the internet, which is full of silly people as you can see.


So you'll need a pre-built system, alright. What kind of monitor will you use? I highly advise against using a TV due to response time (specially if you intend to play FPS games as Squad).

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On 11/05/2017 at 0:46 AM, Kevin38 said:

Hey what is up guys, veteran battlefield arena gamer but new to Squad. I have been out of the gaming circle for a while but am ready to jump back in.

Don't play any Battlefields after BC2 if you don't want to vomit. Seriously.


On 11/05/2017 at 0:46 AM, Kevin38 said:

Anyway I am a little behind and would just like to get some suggestions on a decent gaming rig that will run this game smoothly even in thick fire fights.

Z170/Z270 Motherboard.(Asrock Extreme4+ or Extreme6 should do just fine of both chipsets)

DDR4 3200 Mhz+(clocks are far more important than timings in games like Squad)

Skylake or better Kaby Lake CPU.

~GTX 1060-1070 video card.


Don't buy i7 CPU.

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