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Project Wolfpack

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Project Wolfpack is a clan centered around squad established Q1 2017 based in North America. We are a group of mature, adult players with a love for tactical oriented play

Our goal is simple: become a wrecking force in the competitive scene of Squad, while maintaining fun as our biggest priority

We are a no nonsense community, our aim is to be as tight knit as possible while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for new members and public players alike

We seek both casual and competitive players. Regardless of which group you pertain to, you have a place with us



Active at minimum once every two weeks


You can register here - http://www.projectwolfpack.net/register
After you register and activate your account you will be brought to the application
Once you've applied your application will be reviewed and once accepted you'll gain info for our Discord



Don't be a lone wolf, join the pack!




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Hey there I am falldown.. one of the Project Wolf Pack Founders.

Just wanted to bump this because we are Actively Recruiting!


Looking for like minded players to join us in clan matches and events.

North American based and a friendly atmosphere.

Check us out and sign up  http://www.projectwolfpack.net/

Hope to see you soon..

have a nice day.


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