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Al Basrah Feedback - Bugs and Issues (no theories, ideas or opinions)

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Yesterday I played Al Basrah on full server and FPS were suddenly down to unbearable below 30. I never witnessed that before on Al Basrah with my 1070 and lightly OC'd i7 3770k.


Maybe I don't play on full 80 servers normally, but I believe I must have before, no?

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During a game of Insurgency, INS will often time spawn on caches on the floor/roof above of the cache. When spawning on the roof of a surrounded cache, this usually results in an insta-death by firing squad.


Also, the last game of Insurgency I played, the 3rd cache spawned roughly 50m away from the 2nd cache once it was destroyed. We definitely did not have a good time defending that cache, as it was immediately found.

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