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Kokan Feedback - Bugs and Issues (no theories, ideas or opinions)

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Please leave Bugs and Issues here with screenshots attached. 


Not a place to theory craft or idealize about the map. just help spot bugs only. 



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I don't have a screen shot but in every game i do in Kokan, north of the flag petrol station, in the buildings at G8.  That appear to be a kind of canvas going in circle and measuring kinda... 30 meters. I'm not takin drugs and all the players on the server/map see it. You just have to play a game on this map for see this.


Also, there are some hitbox issues with some trees that makes you levitate. one of them, next to the petrol station too. In the middle of the road of petrol station it made the same kind of levitate thing, but it was at that position one of our mtlb apc exploded. The carcass disappeared but when you were on it, your player was flying in the air. Probable the game detecting you were on that carcass.

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