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Russian Military Weapons

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Hi, so I've been playing only for a short time but I have kept up with all the dev blogs for about a year now. I noticed that the Russian military is using a standardized AK-74, this being a well known gun across many games, but they actually standardized the AK-12 4 years ago. It's a very much improved gun that leaves tons of room for future improvement as the game developes. AK-12_Kalashnikov_assault_rifle_Izhmash_


Above is a detailed picture of the AK-12 for reference. 

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I'm sorry but you've either been hugely misled or just pulled that fact out of thin air. The AK12 has never seen any kind of wide spread adoption within the Russian military even within its special forces. The AK-74M is the standard issue service rifle for Russia's ground forces and will more than likely remain so for the foreseeable future. That's why you wont be seeing this gun in game, unless someone mods it in of course.

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Welcome to the forums @Unlitterate!

There's been quite a lot of discussions on these forums concerning the AK-12 over the past 1+ year. Please try to familiarize yourself with the search function located top of the page, right hand side. It'll come in handy finding info and topics which may interest you, will also help prevent duplicate topics.

Search results regarding AK12

Past discussions


Dev reply

On 11/6/2015 at 1:29 AM, Z-trooper said:

AK12 isn't adopted yet. AK74M is what the russians will be using until we see otherwise.


With new factions coming and support for more classes come in, I don't feel like making any more AK's for a good long while. Time to get some fancy gear on the battlefield!

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