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Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

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Excuse spelling mistakes. This was written on a phone.



It's back to the basics.


The community needs to be trained up. One squad at a time.

One buddy pair at a time


It requires effort, dedication, perseverance and self sacrifice of squad leaders.


Effort, dedication and perseverance for giving the same set of instructions at the start of every round. Consistently reminding and giving precise and clear orders.

Consistently and repeatedly dealing with kids and young adults who think they are world champions, know it all in half the time telling them this is how it's done. This is how we do it, shut the **** up, fall in line and follow the orders given.


What you expect from them the entire round and the consequence for them if their fail to adhere to the SOP.


The repeated effort of kicking the unwilling or unable. 


Squad leaders need to step up to the plate. They are responsible for the morale, welfare, cohesion and tactical proficiency of the squad they command.


They are also responsible to communicate with the other squad leaders. Communication is key. 


Self sacrifice in the sense you as a squad leader will have to make decisions not just for your squad but for your TEAM. Setting up that extra FOB in preparation for the assault of the next objective. Or setting up that FOB in preparation for defensive ops at a objective. 

Or sending your squad to cap the rear flags because you notice no other squad is doing it. Or committing your squad to the fight when another squad leader urges you to reinforce the defense objective because he is being overrun and annihilated by enemy forces.


Self sacrifice gentlemen.



Me, I and yourself is ****ing dead gentlemen. If you are not a team player. Shape up and become one.


As a squad member you stick with your squad. As a squad leader you communicate with the other squad leaders. Communication is key.



As a last note  : do not be afraid to make decisions. Some kid has a big mouth and you are the squad leader? **** right off. Some kid doesn't follow the simple instructions of sticking with the squad after 2-3 warnings? **** right off. Some kid starts firing his weapon intentionally after you have led your squad on a flanking manoeuvre unseen to take the next objective so that your position is compromised? **** right off.

No communication and mic? If you have the luxury. **** right off.

You have a medic in your squad and he is not competent enough in that role repeatedly, fails to switch to another kid. In other words does not follow simple instructions? **** right off. 


People in examples as mentioned right above are a liability to your squad and as a whole to the team.


Strategic proficiency for the team  and tactical proficiency on section level is where needs to be invested on squad leader level. The bar needs to be raised and the community needs to bond.



As this game evolves with tanks, aviation, other countries, other specialised weapons, bigger servers the community needs to improve their skills and have the willingness to pull the rest up with them.



If you don't step up, nobody will.






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On 5/5/2017 at 4:00 AM, SgtHerhi said:

P.S. 100/100 I will rather take a friendly SL who has 20 hours in the game and goes "hey I'm new at this what should I do" than a knowitall dickhead with 1000 hours whose convinced he's the top dog in every aspects of life.

This is a yes and a no. I like when people aren't abrasive. But people in this game need to be wrangled and prodded constantly. SL's need some backbone and an abrasive exterior to put all 8 of his random kittens in a rainstorm to effective use.  I'll be polite when telling someone they have 20 seconds to turn the hell around and get to me for a rally before they're kicked.


People join a squad to be led, lead them. Dont be an asshole about it, but be stern. Like that grandpa that teaches you life lessons with the wap of a yard stick...which a lot of the new players need.

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