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The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

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6Th Rifles

The 6th rifles is a new community that focuses on delivering a teamwork driven experience. As the name of our group suggests we have a heavy focus on infantry tactics and gameplay. With that said we don’t shy away from using any and all assets to help us achieve victory.


·         To improve and advance our tactics

·         To develop a likeminded community

What can we offer?

·         A environment that is friendly to new players and that is willing to teach them.

·         Fun and unique experiences


To join

·         Must be 17 or older, younger people can be accepted based on how mature they are.

·         Must have a mic

·         Must speak intelligible English

If you meet these requirements join our discord and contact Maj.Ryan.


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9 hours ago, Hinton said:



What's your steam name pal ?

 Its the one mentioned in the post, Lt.Ryan

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