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Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

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Hmmmm... I think it's interesting that they're showing so little in these dev blogs yet what they are showing is of such high quality and impact. Maybe the devs are trying to make a point out of this and keep the game minimalistic. Not bare-bones minimalistic, but subdued, to the point. God knows you don't get that kind of trailer anymore.




Great News

We’ve received overwhelming support from everybody regarding Ready Or Not, with a lot of individuals claiming they’d be willing to pitch in what they could to help this game grow. This rally of support was unexpected and VOID is glad that we have such an enthusiastic audience.


However, our company recently completed negotiations with an investor, effectively cementing the ability for us to develop on Ready Or Not in a more permanent fashion.

I must say I do have my doubts about that, while it's great that they've found an investor, it also means they will have accountability to that investor first and foremost, which wouldn't be the case with crowdfunding like Squad is having. Hopefully they won't be forced into anything that might harm the game or any compromises towards its gameplay and tactical approach. Of course, these devs seem quite professional and experienced and not exactly indie (not that there's anything wrong with that, heh!) so I'm not surprised if they have some contacts in the industry.

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