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Welcome to Valhalla



Server Discord:



We are a USA based server that is looking to promote the finer points of Squad through competent Squad leading by the use of comms, experience, coordination and teamwork within the Squad and out.



  • We are giving away a limited amount of reserved slots for those squad leaders that show they are capable leading 8 others guys and coordinating with the team. Head to our discord and either recommend a great Squad leader or vote for one.


  • We are also giving away a limited number of reserved slots for those that help us consistently get the server seeded, either by participating or leaving your PC on the server while you are doing other things.



Working on a bi-weekly moto racing event whose goal is to morph into a mad max / mario kart sort of event in the future. More info coming.


weekly or bi-weekly event where we record a night of games from many different angles and make available to review. This will not also be fun to watch yourself but also get better at the game through this type of After Action Review. 


Possible Squad Leader training to help those that are interested and those that want to improve

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Best of luck with your new server, always good to see increasing community base.

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