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Pure speculation here of course. Lets say hypothetically there were currently several Kinetic Bombardment Satellites otherwise known as "Rods From God" in geosynchronous orbit around 100 miles up above North Korea right? Now lets imagine what a single 39 ton solid tungsten arrow impacting Pyongyang at Mach 10 would do huh? How about a dozen of them right? Considering Low Earth Orbit is 100 miles up and the terminal velocity of Mach 10 is around 7600 mph thats a reaction time of roughly a minute.


Now imagine the Trident II specifications. With a conventional 65 ton warhead it has a terminal velocity of Mach 24 or 18,030 mph and is right off the coast in a sub.



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24 empty missile tubes, 1 mushroom cloud and now it's Miller time!


You won't see Tridents used though, as Boomers are a last resort type weapon.  Unfortunately the Navy retired the TLAM N, but make no mistake...there's a couple fast attack boats out there just waiting for orders to let some Tomahawks fly.

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